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Sprinkler System Service and Repair

When a sprinkler system breaks down, the costs can begin to accumulate quickly. Not only that, but your curbside appeal will suffer as a result. Engineered Rain offers emergency service to repair and service irrigation systems by highly-trained professionals. Broken sprinkler heads, malfunctioning controller box, and broken lines are all problems that can arise in an irrigation system.

Besides emergency services, Engineered Rain offers maintenance service as well. As your lawn matures over the years, it's watering needs changes as well. We are able to inspect your landscaping and decide what action needs to be taken, whether is is extra sprinkler heads, zone extension, or controller box replacement. Assessing your landscaping and irrigation needs is a vital part of our business, and when we are done with our work, it is hard to even notice that we were there.

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System Design

We design and develop an efficient, precise irrigation system.

System Installation

Proper installation by trained, qualified professionals.

Regular Maintenance

Service and repair work to all parts of the irrigation system.

No job too big or small

We can accommodate any commercial job, no matter what the size.