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Residential Irrigation Systems by Engineered Rain

A professionally installed irrigation system is a critical component to your home. Our process begins by designing a cost-effective system that is efficient while conserves water. Once a system has been planned, our installers will use state-of-the-art equipment to mark out the lawn, dig trenches and holes, and install all of the piping and sprinkler heads necessary to water your lawn. We then hook all of the plumbing together and install the controller box in a manner that is most efficient and capable of properly watering your lawn in order to keep it green and lush.

Professional Residential Irrigation

Great sprinklers don't make a great irrigation system - proper installation and a well thought-out design does. That is why it is important to have a professional contractor install your sprinkler system, and with Engineered Rain, you can feel comfortable knowing that the job is being done correctly the first time.Having Engineered Rain install your sprinkler system will save you time, money and water.

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System Design

We design and develop an efficient, precise irrigation system.

System Installation

Proper installation by trained, qualified professionals.

Regular Maintenance

Service and repair work to all parts of the irrigation system.

No job too big or small

We can accommodate any commercial job, no matter what the size.