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Irrigation Engineering and Design

Our irrigation system design is second to none because of our intricate attention to detail. We make sure to investigate the best possible layout for your sprinkler heads in order to maximize the amount of coverage while maintaining conservative water and electrical use. It is vital to both your lawn and budget to make sure that you aren't overwatering your lawn, and with our expertise we can provide a system that you are completely satisfied with.

Engineered Rain is able to design these productive systems because of our vast knowledge and experience as well as the use of the latest technologies and products from name that you trust, such as RainBird, Toro and Hunter Irrigation. We make sure to utilize these products in the most efficient way so that you are happy with your sprinkler system, happy with your lawn and happy that you no longer have to worry about doing all of that lawn work manually.

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System Design

We design and develop an efficient, precise irrigation system.

System Installation

Proper installation by trained, qualified professionals.

Regular Maintenance

Service and repair work to all parts of the irrigation system.

No job too big or small

We can accommodate any commercial job, no matter what the size.